Prepare for Christmas

With xmas almost here, its time to make sure you are prepared for a disaster free time,

over the years we have seen that xmas time is the time there are more spillages in the home, Than any other time of year

Pretty understandable really when you think about the amount of people in your house, The amount of drink and food that is being consumed & the Weather isn’t alway great either, with muddy boots and dripping wet coats, or the mess from your open fire,

You know that the best chance of getting the stain out of your carpet is to act quickly, and with the right instructions, Being prepared is the key to this, Have the right equipment in easy access, It’s a lot cheaper and easier to clean the spillage successfully rather than having to change the carpet, and how many times have you tried to clean up a spillage to find there isn’t anything to clean it with, or when you do find something you find that your spreading the stain and making it worse.

Well this year you could be ready for that accident with our floor cleaning emergency range, you can remove over 95% of stains and spillages of most carpets and floorings in the home today, With Stain-guards Easy carpet care kits. Go on line and order today, or call in to our showroom and pick a kit up,